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Our recent publications in integrated power and natural gas systems

  • *N. El-Taweel, *H. Khani, and H.E. Farag, “Hydrogen Storage Optimal Scheduling for Fuel Supply and Capacity–Based Demand Response Program under Dynamic Hydrogen Pricing, “ IEEE Trans. Smart Grid,In press, early access, 06 Aug 2018.
  • *H. Khani, and H.E. Farag, “An online calibrated time series-based model for day ahead natural gas forecasting, “ IEEE Trans. Industriual Informatics,early access, 31 July 2018.
  • *H. Khani, *N. El-Taweel,and H.E. Farag, “Power congestion management in integrated electricity and gas distribution grids, “ IEEE Systems,early access, 13 July 2018.
  • *H. Khani, *N. El-Taweel, H.E. Farag, and “Real-time optimal management of reverse power flow in integrated power and gas distribution grids under large renewable power penetration,” IET Generation, Transmission and Distribution, vol.12, no.10, pp. 2325-2331, 2018.
  • *H. Khani, and H.E. Farag, “Optimal day–ahead scheduling of power–to–gas energy storage and gas load management in wholesale electricity and gas markets, “ IEEE Trans. Sustainable Energy,9, no.2, pp. 940-951, 2018.