World-Class Smart Power Grid LAB

In the period of 2013-2017, Dr. Farag was the lead developer  of over two million dollars  world-class laboratory in electric power engineering and smart grids.

The lab is a collection of advanced hardware and software. The cutting-edge lab is expected to provide our  undergraduate and graduate students  with hands-on experience in several topics of modern power engineering including energy conversion, power electronics, electric machines, transmission and distribution systems, and renewable energy.

The smart grid lab is equipped with an advanced commercial SCADA system. Students can setup a complete smart power grid (power plant, renewable generation, substations, transmission, distribution and utilization) in one experiment. They can also monitor the grid and control it manually and remotely via the SCADA system!

Graduate students  are trained to use the most advanced smart Grid technologies in my EECS 6704 course

For studies in large power systems, our students have access to commercial licenses of a wide variety of  power system simulation tools including:

  • PSS/E by Siemens
  • ETAP
  • MATLAB Simulink