Course Development

EECS 3603: Electromechanical Energy Conversion  Approved 7/2014 First offer: Fall 2015
  • A fundamental course in electric power engineering; it covers three phase systems, theories of electromagnetics, and analysis of AC and DC electric machines


EECS 4622: Introduction to Energy Systems Approved 7/2014 First offer: Winter 2017
  • A core course in electric power engineering; it covers different aspects of generation, transmission and distribution systems in conventional power grids such as power flow analysis, short circuit analysis, transient stability and introduction to smart/modern power grids and renewable energy systems


EECS 3505: Electrical Engineering for Mechanical Engineers Approved 4/2016 First offer: Fall 2016
  • A fundamental course for mechanical engineers that covers several topics of electrical systems such as circuit analysis, electronics and electromechanical energy conversion
  • Provided orientation for the electromechanical power engineering laboratory to mechanical engineering colleagues
  • Discussed the course contents and potential instructors with colleagues
  • Reviewed the course proposal drafted by mechanical engineering colleagues


EECS 6704: Smart Distribution Grids Approved W 2015 First offer: Winter 2016
  • A unique course in smart power grids; it covers renewable power generation systems, microgrids, communication aspects in smart grids, cyber security, smart metering and advanced metering infrastructure
EECS 6703: Power Systems Analysis, Operation and Control Pending First offer: N/A
  • A great course for graduate students who want to pursue their research in power systems analysis, operation and control; it covers transient stability analysis, voltage stability, economic dispatch and optimal power flow