Impacts of Adopting Full Battery-Based Electric Transit Bus Systems on Ontario Electricity Grid   Conservation Fund 2018-2020

Project Summary:

In this project, the smart grid research team at York University will develop the engineering tools, i.e., modeling, simulation, design, and optimization, required for studying the impacts of adopting full battery-based electric city and school buses on utility grids. In collaboration with the project industry partners, the developed tools will be utilized to: 1) quantify the impacts of implementing electric bus systems on local distribution networks and bulk electricity systems, and 2) identify and evaluate the potential energy conservation barriers and technical best practices for efficient electrification of transit bus fleets in Ontario. 

Project Partners:

  1. Alectra Inc.
  3. CSBO, YorkU

Impacts of Electrifying Transit Networks within Alectra Inc. Coverage Areas


Project title: Advanced Design, Planning and Control Algorithms for Smart Distribution Grids

1 NSERC Discovery Grant & ECR 2014-2019


Project title: Mitigation of voltage regulation challenges in distribution networks using battery energy storage systems

Industry Partner: eCAMION Inc., a turnkey solution provider for the community energy storage industry, located in Toronto, ON, Canada

1 NSERC Engage 2016


Project title: Managing Volt/Var in Active Distribution Networks Using Distributed Generation Units and Peer-to-Peer Communication

PI Partner: Toronto and Region Conservation Area (TRCA), a not-for-profit organization in sustainable energy, located in Vaughan, ON, Canada

MEARIE Management Inc  LDC Tomorrow Fund 2016


Project title: Operation Feasibility of Electric Buses at Keele Campus to Replace Diesel Buses

York U: Redefine the Possible CSBO, York U Transportation Services 2016


Project title: Development of Operation and Planning Algorithms for Active Distribution Networks and Microgrids

York U: Redefine the Possible York U  Startup 2013 – 2019


Project title: Real-time Implementation for Peer-to-Peer Agent-Based Applications in Smart Grids

York U: Redefine the Possible  LSE, York U  Junior Faculty Fund (JFF)  2016


Project title: Energy Management Systems for Smart Distribution Grids & Quantifying the Effects of DC Transient and Inverter AC Power Quality on Grid

York U: Redefine the Possible LSE, York U Junior Faculty Fund (JFF) 2015