Mohamed Zaki Abdelhamed Mohamed El-Sharafy



Doctor of Philosophy student (PhD, Electrical Engineering and  Computer Science)

Research Interests:

Mohamed’s research focuses on the Self-healing operation of  the smart distribution grids in order to improve the system  reliability and efficiency, in both normal and critical modes of  operation. With the large penetration of the distributed generations  (dispatchable/ non-dispatchable), electric vehicle and the storage  devices, The distribution network is now shifting to a smarter grid  setup. Smart grid technology aims to provide better grid performance
and support a wide array of additional services to customers. Smart  grid represents the interaction between customers, network operators  and power producers, in which the distributed control is used in the  smart grid paradigm. Mohamed’s goal is to introduce a self-healing  mechanism that can optimize the Smart distribution grid if a fault  occurs. Also, if/when there is a violation in the operational  constraints, the major benefits of the self-healing include: the  energy management of the system, fault detection and isolation, and  optimal restoration of the active distribution networks, if any  reliability issue occurred. ,

Office location: BRG 312

Refereed Conference

  1. M. Zaki, and H.E. Farag, “Automatic Restoration in Distribution Systems Considering DG Transfer and Islanded Microgrids,’’ in 2016 IEEE Canada Electrical Power and Energy Conference (EPEC), October 2016, Ottawa, ON, Canada pp.1-6. – link
  2. M. Zaki, and Hany E.Farag, “Self-healing restoration in droop-controlled islanded microgrids using ant colony optimization,’’ in Smart Grid for Smart Cities (SGSC) conference, Toronto, Canada, October 13-14, 2015 – link